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PostSubject: Rules and Information   Rules and Information EmptySat Jul 16, 2016 4:28 am

Welcome to Anthologies, a community designed to allow you to be a character and write stories in the Star Wars Universe! Please feel free to read through our rules and information before getting started. From our experience, we've found that players will have the most success if they read these first. Above all our community values a sense of limited rules and maximum creativity.  We expect our members to be sensible, kind, and use common sense on the forums.

Anthologies Time-line:

Our story takes place during the First Galactic War, in-between the events of Revenge of the Sith and Return of the Jedi. This means the Republic has fallen and the Imperials are now at open war with a small band of freedom fighters known as The Rebellion. While these two factions clash in open war the Force users of the galaxy are being hunted down because of Order 66.  Many of the Jedi have been executed but some remain in the fight, trying to avoid being slaughtered by the former people they used to serve.  Other Force users, particularly darksiders are in hiding, not wanting to be mistaken for Jedi and secretly biding their time until they can make themselves known. There is also an Underworld of criminals and scum and villainy that seeks to make a profit on the war, suffering, or anything else they can make some credits off of.  All of these factions go about their daily lives in the galaxy far far away.

Our story focuses on the small stories we do not see in the films.  Basically you are writing what your character was doing during this time in the movies.  So while big events are happening in the films we are focusing on other stories away from what we saw on screen. What was your character doing during the Battle of Hoth?  Were they fighting in the battle or were they on some backwater planet making a shady deal for new spice?  This is your chance to tell your own story in the galaxy we all know and love.

Rules and Regulations:
1) No Godmoding (your character is not the most supreme being in the universe who can take down any foe without taking any damage ever. You are not invincible.)
2) No character may kill and/or maim another character unless they both agree to it.
3) No Trolling (be respectful of the people around you. If you do not like them, simply do not talk to them.)
4) No cross-over role playing (please stick to the Star Wars universe only)
5) Stick to the established story line when writing roleplays in the "Galaxy Far Far Away" thread.  This is where most of the stories happen. If you want to do something outside of our timeline or just something silly please do it in the past/future threads forum.
6) Use Common Sense when writing both IC and OOC

Takeover Rules and Regulations:
Takeovers will be judged by the factions involved based on the following rules and regulations...
1) How many established goals or objectives were conquered within the established thread (i.e., fully conquering the Jedi Temple, capturing three bounty hunters, taking down four Rogue Squadron ships, etc.). 
2) The ratio of members who were active in the thread compared to who was registered at your last check-in.
3) Ethical conduct throughout the takeover.
- You will gain one point for each of these, giving each party the potential of gaining 3 points and a tie. 
In the event of a tie, no gain will be granted and the planet will remain under the original parties control. 
**If unoccupied, it will remain unoccupied. 
Any faction may challenge any other for any planet. 
***If you wish to occupy an unoccupied planet, you must challenge another faction for it. 

Q: How does the ranking system work?
Characters play whatever type of character they want. You are expected to abide by the rules of no godmoding, no powergaming, and be sensible.  If you just joined earn some credit before you make your character powerful. We are all just here to have fun so try to be respectable and sensible.

Q: May I join more than one faction?
Yes you may but please try to join factions that make sense and go together.  It would be very difficult for a Jedi to also be a darksider because the ideologies clash. A rebel wouldn't be an imperial because they are at war..

You must select a primary faction to get assigned a color-coded name. This should be the faction your character most identifies with.

Q: Can I make my own faction?
At this time members may not make factions. Once we have enough members this will change to allow more creativity.

Q: Do I have to join a faction?
You do not have to join a faction. It is strongly encouraged though. Factions create bonds and a sense of community with your fellow peers. They are also a great way for you to get involved in timeline threads.

Q: I saw a galaxy map. What is that about?
Once you join a faction, you can contribute to takeovers of planets that are in the Star Wars galaxy (located on the featured map). This map will be updated based on planets and territories conquered by factions. 

Q: This sounds interesting, but I don't know must (or anything) about Star Wars. Can I still join?
Yes! We encourage anyone to join our community. Don't be afraid to ask questions. We were all new at one point.

Q: Do I have to be a Force User?

No. We have neutral factions to choose from as well! As long as you stay within the Star Wars Universe, you can be whatever your imagination can create.

Q: Why are some people talking out of character (OOC) at times and then in character (IC) at times?
Depending on the nature of the thread and the character being played, some people choose to remain completely IC all the time while others choose to remain only IC during actual roleplays. There is no right or wrong way to write your character. Just remember that you may be enemies when role playing, but outside of that thread you remain respectful. Never hold a grudge against someone because they are your IC enemy. This is forbidden. It’s just a game. Have fun.

Q: What do I do if I need help or I have a question or a complaint?
We strongly encourage a sense of community here. It is advised to ask your fellow community members for things such as training, getting involved in threads, or handling disputes. But if you have a question or complaint that cannot be answered, staff are always available
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Rules and Information
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